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The forum is an informational and informative community of people who are interested in the effects of various substances on the body. The site is not intended for trading, but experienced users can exchange contacts for a more detailed study and deeper analysis of the discussed substances.
Be extremely careful and careful when receiving substances for analysis. Do not use unfamiliar, prohibited substances yourself and do not offer them to other people. Ask the seller for an expert opinion that the substance will not cause you anything bad. Remember that it is hazardous to health and can be fatal.
Since countries have different laws, some of the substances discussed here may be banned. Users must determine the legality of the substances themselves, guided by the laws of the country of which they are resident.
It is strictly forbidden to post advertisements for narcotic or explosive substances on the forum. If a substance’s name is on the prohibited list, such an advertisement will be deleted and the user will be blocked. Since the administration of the forum is not an expert in the field of chemistry, the affiliation of the substances under discussion in the prohibited group is determined by the totality of the opinions of the site users. There is a complaints system for this.

The administration of the resource is not responsible for the actions of users of the forum. Moderators and assistants are virtual censors and perform functions according to the algorithm prescribed in the rules.

The administration of the forum does not sell and does not advertise and prohibits advertising of drug dealers.
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